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Lost in The Wood -- Leonard and Ann Marie Wilson

Outside the Asylum

Once upon a time, the greatest and most advanced super-power in the world built a mighty wall and set up strict laws to keep out uncivilized foreigners who threatened its way of life.

Outside the wall, shut off from becoming part of the super-power's shining dream, the rest of the world busied itself by developing fresh new technologies and vigorous trade networks.

Meanwhile, barricaded safely within its fortress of solitude, the great super-power became complacent and stagnant. Caught up in its own cultural quagmire, it woke up one day to find that the world had left it behind.

That's why it was the U.S. and not China that dominated world culture throughout the 20th century.

Trump 2016. Because it's about time we return the favor. </sarcasm>

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