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Lost in The Wood -- Leonard and Ann Marie Wilson

Les Monstres d'Arthur

Beware of things that go bump in the knight. No need to go questing for monsters to slay when the monsters are already right there hunting you.

All In Good Fun

Included in the Conspiracy Calls charity anthology.
All proceeds from this book will go to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

A faerie trickster schemes to make a birthday even more surprising.

Siege Perilous - Coming in 2022

When the knight's away, the beast will prey. Ceara dreaded the labyrinth of political pitfalls that lay before her when she was summoned to Camelot, but that turned out to be not half so terrifying as whatever’s lurking in Guenevere’s garden maze.

For a while it looked like she’d land on her feet, finding her niche at court as a storyteller in the entourage of Queen Morgause of Orkney, King Arthur’s own sister. Then her darkest imaginings started coming true. Arthur and his army marched off to the drums of war Ceara had heard beating before they’d begun. Her brother’s hunting party met with the tragedy she tried to warn him against. Then, with only a token garrison left to defend the palace, something dark and dreadful began to prey on its inhabitants. Now Ceara faces a deadly game of cat-and-mouse through a maze of golden, stately halls gone red with blood.