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Blog posts January 2022

Useless Answers to Real Questions #4

Street sign: Truth, Reality, Lies Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay



"What is more important- truth or fact, and why?"




— Asked by Anat Eliraz


Who, where, when, how? They all fade into insignificance unless propped up by a good, solid, "What?"—preferably with at least two or three exclamation marks.
I c…

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Useless Answers to Real Questions #3

Grayscale photo of silhouette of woman with devil's horns pointing her finger under cloudy sky Photo by Minja Milošev on Scopio



"What do you think are the 5 darkest series in all grimdark?"



— Asked on Facebook (Fantasy-Faction - Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Discussion)


In no particular order:

• ABC World News Tonight
• CBS Evening News
• NBC Nightly News…

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Useless Answers to Real Questions #2

Person Walking on Brown Floor Tiles Photo by Kazu Sakuragi on Scopio



"A friend of mine is looking for a book. No title or author name. Here's the description: two brothers (grown men), one a little slow-witted, both enjoy jigsaw puzzle, slow one has the ability to teleport. They are being chased/hunted, possibly by the govern…

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Useless Answers to Real Questions #1

Man in Purple Suit Jacket Illustration Illustration by Pablo Nidam on Scopio



"What makes a villain three-dimensional?"





— Asked on Quora (Supervillains, Fiction Writing, Villains, Heroes, Fiction, Comics (narrative art), Fictional Characters)


It's the special glasses.

— Leonard

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Useless Answers to Real Questions

"Do you have a super power and how do people react to it?"

— Asked on Quora (Super Power (ability), Superpowers (special powers), Human Behavior, Survey Question)


Man in White Shirt Lying on the Road Photo by Brandon Basara on Scopio

Well, since you asked, yes: I do indeed have a super power. I was gifted with th…

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