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Blog posts May 2013

Further Thoughts On the Resolution Bonus Chart

It was brought to my attention after my last post that the defensive fight maneuver was changed in fifth-edition Pendragon. It now longer allows a normal damage roll on a critical success, so the maneuver has been reduced to use as a delaying tactic. I only checked to make sure that the maneuver sti…

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Wilsonshire Pendragon Mods: The Resolution-Bonus Chart

Here’s the first and most important house rule I made to make Pendragon playable with an over-achieving player: the resolution-bonus chart.

The number one thing that makes the game’s rules fragile is the over-20 resolution-roll bonuses. Grab yourself a sword (so that it doesn’t break on a tied…

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Teprigoth: Okay, so it's not the city that never sleeps.

But every time it closes it's eyes... it wakes up screaming.

Teprigoth is a sprawling Renaissance metropolis that's grown up organically into a seemingly endless labyrinth of streets and alleys. Going one's whole life without ever catching a glimpse of the world beyond those streets is not on…

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