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Lost In The Wood

Leonard & Ann Marie Wilson

The Dark Goddess Chronicles

Old fairy tales never die. They're sort of like vampires that way.

     A Conspiracy of One
by Leonard Wilson

Conspiracy Calls anthology
April 2019

Kindle e-book

Heaped with survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress as the sole resident of her home town to escape the deadly intentions of the Inquisition, a shattered young woman stumbles into a cut-throat political intrigue she can only escape with the help of a magic mirror and her head full of imaginary friends.


All proceeds from this book will go to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

      Lethal Red Riding Hood
by Leonard & Ann Marie Wilson

Book one of the Dark Goddess Chronicles, Lethal Red Riding Hood is written and undergoing beta reading while we ponder its possible routes to publication.

Insanity doesn't run in Keely's family. It doesn't even gallop. It soars, free and unfettered, like an eagle on the wing. That wasn't so bad when she thought she was the sole survivor of her bloodline. What's a little good-natured madness among friends? But the mysterious woman in the blood-red cloak who’s suddenly encroaching on Keely's life might be her aunt, or even her mother, and there's nothing benign about the woman's madness.

What was supposed to be a straightforward if grandiose con-job to overthrow a sadistic theocrat goes south for Keely when her widely flung web of off-the-cuff intrigue draws Bloody Scarlet into the net. Be she aunt or mother or just some random forest spirit, Scarlet has an axe to grind with the people surrounding Keely. It’s a big axe, too – the kind a headsman might favor – and she’s not a bit shy about using it.

Keely’s in too deep to back out, but even with her finely-honed instincts for selling snake oil and a prized pair of magic boots it’s all she can do to keep the con from flying completely off the rails. If it does, everybody dies