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Blog posts February 2022

Useless Answers to Real Questions #7

Pen on a notebook with a drawn heart Photo by Aillia Naqvi on Scopio



"Feeling humble. Just received a request from a gentleman in Pennsylvania, asking for an autograph to be sent. (I'm UK) Anybody else experienced similar?"



— Asked on Facebook (AmWritingFantasy)


Yes, I was a gentleman in Pennsylvania once—but…

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Useless Answers to Real Questions #6

Ren Faire Reader Photo by Sunpreet Kaur on Pixabay



"Why did Shakespeare give so many of his characters names that do not suit their nationality or timeframe? E.g., Juliet is more French than Italian."



— Asked on Quora (Shakespeare Plays, William Shakespeare, English Literature, Literature)


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In Search of Epic Fantasy Horror

Ghostly skulls in a forest fire Composite photo by Giacomo. Original skulls by Ville Hasala on Pixabay. Original butterflies by Igor Levchenko on Pixabay

So here's something that feels kind of weird.

I grew up thinking I didn't like horror stories because, but it turns out that was because during most of my childhood, "horror" w…

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Useless Answers to Real Questions #5

Doctor checking patient Photo by Jorge Antonio Flores Delgado


What will you personally lose if the US enacts universal health care?"




—  Asked on Quora (Universal Healthcare, Healthcare Policy, Health Insurance, The United States of America)


My car keys.

Not that I expect …

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