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Lost in The Wood -- Leonard and Ann Marie Wilson


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Conspiracy of One - free short story

On reflection...maybe she's not paranoid.

by Leonard & Ann Marie Wilson

Free ebook available in epub or mobi formats.


Heaped with survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress as the sole resident of her home town to escape the deadly intentions of the Inquisition, a shattered young woman stumbles into a cut-throat political intrigue she can only escape with the help of a magic mirror and her head full of imaginary friends.


October 2020 - Lethal Red Riding Hood

by Leonard & Ann Marie Wilson

Available in Kindle and paperback formats starting in October


Bloody Scarlet, the skull collector of the Crimson Forest, is just a cautionary tale to keep children from wandering in and getting lost — isn’t she? Well something’s out there...


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