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Lost in The Wood -- Leonard and Ann Marie Wilson

There and Back Again: An Author's Holiday

We took the long way home from our 4th-of-July weekend at InConJunction--handling things we'd been putting off until we'd reached full vaccination status--but we're finally back to relieve our house-sitter, and we had a great time.

Because we launched our first book in October of 2020, InConJunction marked our first public appearance as self-publishers and vendors.

Even with COVID still suppressing attendance, the small, friendly convention turned out to be an excellent chance to ease into the new life, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and get some in-person, real-time reactions to what we've got to offer.

When we weren't in the dealer room, we spent a lot of our time in the fun, low-key writing panels.

When we were in the dealer room, the up side of the sparse crowd was having time to personally interact with nearly everyone who stopped by, and we got to hear a lot of love for the work of our amazing cover artist, Peter. He really brought together the Gothic-fantasy vibe we needed.

It also left us enough time to get to meet the other writers and artists who'd set up shop nearby.

Here are the treasures we collected from them. More on these as we work our way through them.

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